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The Green Urban Lunch Box Incubator Farm

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These donations are being solicited to build a tool library by The Green Urban Lunchbox Fund, a project of the Community Foundation of Utah.

Starting a farm comes with educational, land-use, and financial barriers which inhibit the development of new farm businesses. To help find a solution, The Green Urban Lunch Box will launch an Incubator Farm in Layton, Utah. The Incubator Farm will lease out small parcels of land on a 37 acre orchard, leased from UDOT, to dedicated, hard working individuals who will use it as a launching pad for their own farming endeavors.

An incubator farm is place for new farmers to have access to affordable land to grow crops commercially. In addition to land use, the farmers gain access to agricultural trainings, business planning support, farm equipment, and shared advice from a community of farmers.

We ask that each farmer donate a portion of the produce to their favorite hunger relief organization. This is a way for us to give back to the community that is allowing us this amazing opportunity.

The funds raised here will be used to purchase a tool library available to all of our farmers. These tools are be vital to the farms success, it will allow farmers to till the ground, trim trees, grow and harvest their crops. In addition this will allow us to make some repairs to the irrigation line so out farms can more efficiently water there crops.

Who Are These Guys and Can They Pull This Off?

These donations are being solicited by The Green Urban Lunchbox Fund, a project of the Community Foundation of Utah.

Whatever your initial impression, we guarantee that The Green Urban Lunchbox is not what it first appears to be. We’re sure that, if you look close enough you’ll find something that no one else has considered before. Around every corner awaits the potential for something new. We know this because we live it.

We see Creatively Finding Opportunity in Unlikely Places

In 2011, we didn’t look at an old school bus and see yesterday’s junk; we saw the raw ingredients for a mobile greenhouse with the potential to teach young people that it’s possible to grow food almost anywhere.

We see Compassionately, Confronting Impermanent Crisis

In 2012, we didn’t walk past underutilized backyards covered with weeds and see neglect; we saw opportunity for our neighbors to form stronger bonds and work together to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

We see Joy and Resilience paving the way to Justice and Equality

In 2013, we didn’t see an abandoned orchard and think, “what a shame;” we envisioned a forgotten abundance of fresh, local produce in the hands of people who lacked access to wholesome food.

Today, as we take stock of the world we inhabit, we don’t see buildings, infrastructure, and culture in decay; we see cities filled with willing hands ready to build a beautiful, abundant, and just future. We know our greatest contributions as an organization are yet to be uncovered and that people whom we have yet to meet, will one day shape this organization in ways we’ve yet to dream. Join in and help us make this better world a living reality.

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Thanks for your donation all donors will get listed on our founder’s wall at the orchard. We will sending some thanks you cards created soley for us by a local artist. We will may also include, as a christmas gift, cookies or handmade garden salve or if you are realy nice some amazing jam from fruit grown at the orchard.

For $75 you will be adopting one of our orchard trees for the year. A medallion with your name will be placed on the tree and we will send you a picture of your tree. All the produce grown on your tree, 300-400 pounds, will be donated to the CAP food bank.

For our top downers we will invite you and a friend to join us in April for a tour of the property and a gourmet picnic.

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