Sometimes you dont need speak to tell your story...


Size 550x415 dsc00101

Brotherly love - Johnny Maggs (long hair) & Muggs (short hair)

Size 550x415 dsc00099

Pandora (aka: Little Missy) waiting for the sun to come out.

Size 550x415 img 3915

Capone (B&W) & Eve (Black). Capone battles diabetes. Donations help us purchase prescription food for cats like Capone.

Size 550x415 gorbie resize 250 bevel

Gorbie, just hangin out at the Tails of Hope sanctuary

Size 550x415 brothersreunited 650w

Moses - he was abandoned as a kitten and lived in the woods for several years. Now lives at the sanctuary, safe & loved!

Size 550x415 hankralph resize%20250

Hank - rescued this past winter - with his new brother Ralph

Size 550x415 img 3780

This is Hank before rescue in his home - a garden shed (pictured in previous photo with new brother Ralph)

Size 550x415 milton%20resized%20rescue%20date

Milton our latest rescue and a polydactyl!

Size 550x415 img 1019

Boris and Napolean - brothers from another mother

Size 550x415 img 0701

Leo...incredibly smart, lovable ham..if he gets to know you.

Size 550x415 img 0501

Mamacita says 'is there anyone in there?'

Size 550x415 img 0179

No words needed....

Size 550x415 img 4386

Sometimes you dont need speak to tell your story...

Size 550x415 pandora%20resize

Pandora - The lone survivor of three through a tough winter before rescue

Size 550x415 198

Boris adjusting to his new way of life - no more living in the woods..ahhh

Size 550x415 206

Charlie and Ogee waiting for play time

Size 550x415 whose%20got%20the%20key%20resize

I thought you had the key??!!??

Size 550x415 louisa%2c%20ewok%20johnny

Nap time

Size 550x415 img 4386

Ogee, the Tails of Hope mascot because her eyes tell the story of every homeless animal

Donations to Tails of Hope assist in providing shelter, food and other essential provisions in care of homeless, stray and feral cats.

100% of all donations made to Tails of Hope are utilized for the care of the rescued cats living at the Tails of Hope sanctuary. Your donations can help us continue to provide quality long term care for the animals at the sanctuary.

Tails of Hope is a sanctuary offering life long care for stray and feral cats that are not socialized to a level that would allow them to be adopted into a traditional domestic cat home environment. The fate of a rescued cat lacking social skills for adoption is most often a death sentence. At the Tails of Hope sanctuary are the faces of many that have escaped a death sentence.

The cats at the Tails of Hope sanctuary are provided food, water, shelter, medical care and other essential provisions throughout the remainder of their lives. They are provided indoor shelter protected from the elements and danger of life alone yet offered safe access to the outdoors through kenneling. They have the luxury of putting their heads down snuggling in a blanket and going to sleep knowing they are safe with food and water in abundance and always available, something that most homeless, stray and feral cats will never experience.

The cats at the Tails of Hope sanctuary are accepted just as they are. There are no expectations of sociability. They are offered a chance to grow into trust of humans if they so desire but will never be expected to move from their comfort zone. What we have found is that through time, patience and observation of other colony mates, many do grow into some level of trust of humans and others remain terrified of human interaction. But what remains true for each is that they do connect and experience in their own way love when given the chance through patience and acceptance.

Please consider making a donation to Tails of Hope. If you would like to see some of the faces of the residents at the Tails of Hope sanctuary you can visit us on our website or on Facebook. You can locate our web address at the bottom of this page.

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Donations to Tails of Hope assist in providing shelter, food and other essential provisions in care of homeless, stray and feral cats.

EIN: 571216645

Reports: Guidestar

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