Danica shows the paper towels who's boss!

STAF Medical Fund

A project of Save the Animals Foundation

Size 550x415 m boss ppaloma evan01

Boss, a dog with Heartworm; Precious Paloma & Evan, both shot

Size 550x415 jadzia 247x300

Jadzia, left homeless after her owner rescued her but was then killed

Size 550x415 c missmarvel08

Miss Marvel was scheduled to be euthanized before coming to STAF, because of her medical needs.

Size 550x415 c jimmiej postsurg2

Jimmie J, The Medical Fund provided surgery to repair his broken legs.

Size 550x415 d walter04

Walter, after life-saving medical care. Without it, he would have died alone, wrapped in plastic.

Size 550x415 d lovejoy02

Lovejoy, veterinary care saved her from systemic infection and euthanasia

Size 550x415 c thatcher04

Thatcher, a young victim of senseless cruelty, got the pain medication and surgery she needed to heal.

Size 550x415 d mccoy02

McCoy, left alone in a foreclosed house over 3 weeks, the fund provided his hospitalization and recovery

Size 550x415 c ernestine%20front%20paw%20out%20 %202 4 2013

Ernestine, a blind kitten, couldn't feed herself as a homeless colony kitten. The Medical Fund provided her medication.

Size 550x415 d maja01 small

Maja, adopted to a wonderful home, rather than ending her life on death row. The Fund provided her urgent vet care.

Size 550x415 c amazinggrace10months05

Amazing Grace - A beautiful girl who needed a prosthetic leg

Size 550x415 d thaddeus01

Thaddeus - A happy little guy with severe allergies, in need of special food.

Size 550x415 c pocahontas03

Poca - Spunky and sweet, she came to us missing a foot. A prosthetic foot and surgery can change her life!

Size 550x415 d squiggy03

Tied in a back yard, nearly starved, with pneumonia, Squiggy needed extensive medical care. He's now happy & heathy.

Each year dogs & cats with injuries, illnesses, or disabilites come to our door. STAF Medical Fund provides the means to help these cases.

June 2014

Boss is a big, happy, sweet boy who went from a hoarding situation, to a death row county shelter dog. He has a wonderful, "hey, why worry, it's all going to be good" attitude you have to admire! We're trying to raise $1000 to treat his advanced case of Heartworm.

Precious Paloma was rescued after a man shot, then stepped on her. She can't yet use her back legs, but a specialist surgeon feels if he can cautiously remove the bullet, she has a chance. The cost of the surgery, medication, and hospitalization is $2,200. We'd love to give Precious Paloma the chance she deserves!

A man went to the back of his shed on Saturday morning for his lawnmower. What he found was an emaciated black cat lying in the corner, looking up at him with pleading eyes. He was covered in flies and had severe injuries to his lower back. The cat, Evan, allowed the man to swaddle him in a towel and bring him to the shelter, where we found out Evan had been shot, a "through and through" in the lower back. He's badly infected and his injuries are serious, but with pain medication, antibiotics, fluids, and surgery, he has a chance at a life and a home. We're trying to raise $2500 to cover his emergency care.

Thank you for any help you're able to give, and thank you for your compassion for Boss, Precious Paloma, and Evan!


Fall 2013

So many rescues in 2013 alone!

Clemson, a beautiful golden Retriever with heartworm; Valentino, a sweet cat from a hoarding situation, suffering from pneumonia; Maja, a wonderful girl with a long-term, but manageable medical condition; Thatcher, a small kitten and victim of cruelty, needing emergency care; McCoy, a young black lab left to starve in a foreclosed house; Ernestine, a blind colony kitten unable to find food or protect herself.

Through the first half of 2013, STAF was able to save over 140 dogs and cats. How quickly the outcome can change from suffering to comfort, from fear to security, from certain death to a wonderful life of love and care. All it takes is a willingness to act and the means to provide the needed help.

Our Medical Fund is the vehicle for providing this help. We’re proud that medication and veterinary care is over half of our annual budget. It’s where donation dollars go.
It’s what we do! The fund means one less cat starves because of the pain of dental disease. It saves the dog who has been tied in the back of a yard for years without care, only to end up on death row. It’s the lifeline for an injured puppy or the kitten who has experienced cruelty for the sake of cruelty. It’s help for those that have no one.

The Medical Fund makes our mission – yours and STAF’s – achievable. Bottom line, it ends suffering and pain, it saves lives, and it gives the unwanted the chance at a home, love, and care.

We hope you’ll find it possible to be part of this effort with a donation to The Medical Fund. It truly takes all of us working together to make lasting change for the animals!

Thank you so much!

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