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Preschool kids performing on stage

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ICC Facility

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Fund the expansion and improvement of our preschool program which integrates cultural activities in everyday learning and development

The India Community Center was conceived as a place where every generation of the Indian Diaspora could find comfort in various facets of their culture, preserve and practice unique traditions and celebrate festivals and social milestones in a welcoming environment.

As we stepped in 2015, the first challenge we faced is to provide our preschool with maximum resources to reach its full potential in shaping our kids for a better future. The ICC preschool is a culturally stimulating space that facilitates social, emotional, physical and cognitive development in kids.

At ICC, we take pride in our heritage and we want our kids to explore our heritage through experiential activities in every day life. We aim to provide a progressive environment designed to help our kids explore our Indian identity and Indian traditions. With your support and contribution, you can help us build a bridge between our ethnic values and everyday learning at school.

Challenges faced by our preschool

- Limited resources to increase the classroom space and convert another room of the facility for existing preschool program.

- Limited resources to offer more paid speciality programs for children such as theatre, dance/music

- Limited resources to expand and build a new playground for kids.

Preschool goals- next 2 years

- To have a new playground. Provide new and safe outdoor equipment and play area for our preschoolers.

- Get licensed to use an additional space for the preschool and expand classroom capacity by 860 sq feet.

- Hire 2 additional certified Instructors to increase the number of enriched activties on a daily basis.

- Start a process for transitional Kindergarten classroom for our 4+ students

2015-Budget for preschool expansion

Total Requirement =$50,000

- Additional Payroll - Gross and Fringe= $ 14,142

- Equipments purchases for an additional room = $ 6,000

- License and Insurance= $ 3,000

- Marketing for new programs= $ 2,000

-Instructor cost to offer paid extra curricular= $ 4,320

- Educational Supplies and material=$ 4,000

- Utilities $ 2,200

- Outdoor remodeling $ 10,000

- Training cost and Certification= $ 1,500

How your support will improve our preschool program:

- One more room at the ICC facility will get converted and licensed for preschool, thus increasing the capacity of the school 860 sq feet and its ability to provide more activities.

-Preschool will be able to offer better quality programs by increasing enrichment activities in everyday learning. These enrichment activities will include Yoga, dance, music, singing and theater for children on regular basis.

- Two new instructors will be hired and trained to offer specialty programs such as science, cooking and experimentation, cultural immersion.

- The school will be able to offer on-site field trip as part of its program on regular basis.

- Quality Outdoor play and activity time will be available to kids once we are able to remodel the playground.

- More social development opportunities will be offered such as Grandparents storytime, puppet shows.

Glimpses of ICC

The generous contribution and support of our donors empowered us in serving our community. They inspired us, challenged us and helped us grow. Here are some of the highlights of our our last year's performance:

- We proudly served over 15000 members and guests through our program and services.

- We cherish moments of life with over 18,00 seniors in our Senior Program at two facilities.

- Our Free Medical Clinic was responsible for the well-being of over 500 uninsured patients

- Over 400 patients benefited from our Behavioral Health and Ayurveda Health Clinic.

-We served over 150 clients in our Free Legal Clinic served by volunteer lawyers, including immigration issues

- We reached a milestone of over 3,000 children with camps, table tennis and events like our Youthsava, art contest, online story writing contest and more

-We have more than 1500 enrolled members in our state-of-the-art fitness center and over 2,000+ members in programs like karaoke and health club.

-We proudly served 5000 Participants through our Sevathon Program and raised half a million alone in 2014.

-We took pride in celebrating over 100 community events and celebration in our auditoriums.

-We have become a hub for 70+ community organizations, providing 40K+ sq. ft. of community space

In our efforts to make 2015 a remarkable year, please join us.

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Organization Information

525 Los Coches Street
Milpitas, CA 95035

408 934-1130



Fund the expansion and improvement of our preschool program which integrates cultural activities in everyday learning and development

EIN: 522351119

Reports: Guidestar

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