Size 550x415 brandi and marley2

Brandi & Marley's people recently became homeless. They are staying at HUA until their people can secure housing.

Size 550x415 g2ldb

Burke was recently rescued from a Lincoln, Nebraska puppy mill. Your donations help restore comfort and health.

Size 550x415 turner rascal

Turner & Rascal were badly abused at a puppy mill. They take comfort in one another and will stay at HUA forever.

Size 550x415 brandi14a

Our emergency medical program helps pets stay with their loving families.

Size 550x415 normanrazoo

Norman is deaf and blind. He was abandoned in the freezing cold. He will happily live out his days at HUA.

Size 550x415 t2

This dog happily takes a ride in the HUA van to be reunited with his owner after the tornadoes west of Lincoln.

Size 550x415 t1

Another tornado victim rescued by HUA & reunited with her family after a harrowing experience.

Size 550x415 bella marie

Bella Marie's life is saved by HUA after a battle w/ bladder stones. She is a therapy dog for her person who has Lupus.

Size 550x415 roselia3

Rosalee lives in a foster home where she is treated daily for a rare blood condition and is recovering from ACL surgery.

Size 550x415 jake2

Jake was paralyzed and lost all bowel and bladder control. HUA provided him the operation he needed to walk again.

Size 550x415 sammy4g2ld

Sammy suffered from a torn ligament. HUA provided his family with funding for the operation. He is pain free & happy.

Size 550x415 kermit3

Kermit was covered in spray paint and not likely to survive, but with the help of HUA he did and is now in a great home.

Size 550x415 nellyg2ld

HUA saved Nelly's life after she became ill with parvo. Her family is so grateful that help was available.

Size 550x415 cooper1a

Cooper, an emergency case, was saved from starvation, dehyradation, parasites and severe respiratory illness.

No-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Dedicated to the relief of suffering.

Hearts United for Animals takes in the lost, afraid, and abused creatures and provides everything possible to relieve their suffering, restore their health, and most of all love to restore their spirits.

Our shelter is located on over 60 acres of farmland in Southest Nebraska - only an hour away from Lincoln and Omaha. The location, our dedication to ending puppy mills and our no-kill mission makes HUA the perfect place to go for dogs rescued from puppy mills. After much activism on the part of HUA supporters including television, newspaper, internet attention and many protests, two puppy mill have been shut down in the last two years.

HUA boasts five housing areas for our animals that are temperature controlled year round. Many large play and exercise yards are used daily for our dogs and all of the larger ones in permanent housing areas have indoor/outdoor runs. The majority of the dogs have roommates for comfort, companionship and play. The cat room is a feline delight. Our cat friends enjoy many beds, play towers and even a super highway around the ceiling with ramps and spiral stairs. Opening soon will be a state of the art emergency rescue building and indoor agility course.

Our typical animal population is over 400 dogs and 25 cats that have nowhere else to go.

Hearts United for Animals started began in 1989. HUA provides the best for our animals as they await their forever home. They are given the best food, veterinary care, beds, blankets, toys and most of all love. Those that are not adopted stay with us for the remainder of their lives as Sanctuary Sweethearts.

HUA has been the recipient of a Smithsonian Award for the use of technology in animal welfare. Through our JetSet Dogs Program dogs have been rescued and carefully placed in every state of the U.S.

Your support is greatly appreciated and used to restore happiness and health to the neediest creatures.

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AUBURN, NE 68305

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No-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Dedicated to the relief of suffering.

EIN: 470773858

Reports: Guidestar

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