Christmas Kids for Kids and Cows for Church Planting


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Have you started buying your loved-ones their Christmas presents yet? Consider some alternative options this year that will bless others!

Each year this is what I ask my family to put their money towards as I have all I need in the world and I'd prefer some of our precious partners working with the poorest of the poor to benefit. The amazing cow story and details of kids for kids are at the bottom. Read on!

So why not give:

a goat for $33.?

or a bicycle for a community worker for $100.?

or a cow for $1,000.? (or a contribution towards it?)

or contribute to the orphan's Christmas party for $25?

Kids for Kids is not my original title - it's been used by many others. The idea is for a goat to be given to the children in our Batwa (pygmy) families. Their life expectancy has been 27 years until we began working alongside them, and now it is improving drastically. We've helped by providing clean water, advocating for land rights, building them a school and medical clinic, and more. Goats provide milk, manure, and meat - a great Christmas present which will last long after the festivities of the day are over!

As for the cows, we support a gentleman called John. He has started importing Friesian crossbred cows from Tanzania which produce 10-15 litres of milk per day. Burundian cows are useless! They require constant supervision, eat whole fields and are as skinny as can be! And for all that effort they only produce 1-2 litres! So John brings in dozens of cows, keeps them together so they don't eat up all the scarce land or require loads of people watching over them. He gives one per person and the owners pay him back from the milk production. Eventually they own their cow and are empowered out of poverty. Invariably the new cow owners come to faith in the process, and that's when the church plant becomes necessary!

Isn't that stunning?! That's beautiful holistic mission at its best!

And it's not just an idea, he's been at it since 2006. Having started from scratch, he's now up to 65 cows, employing 13 people, and has the vision to impact the spiritual and agricultural enviornment fo the whole nation and even beyond! That's a very brief synopsis, but I tell you, I love it! And I'm quietly confident that we can help leverage this beautiful model to help hundreds out of poverty and give them meaning and purpose for this life and beyond!

Bring it on!

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