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Size 550x415 moderntotem

Modern Totem by Martin Beach installed outside Columbus Area Visitors Center

Size 550x415 electricityherzog

"It's all about Electricity" by Richard Herzog - part of the 2014 Columbus Sculpture Biennial

Size 550x415 scratchblocks

Scratch Blocks waiting to be poured with molten iron, 2013

Size 550x415 glassforming

Glassblowing with Hot Blown Glass Studio, 2013

Size 550x415 blockpartynight

Biggest Block Party Ever, 2013

Size 550x415 liveplaza

Crowds at Live on the Plaza featuring Black Violin, 2014

Size 550x415 neighborfest

Gordon Bonham playing JCB NeighborFEST, 2013

Size 550x415 glassforming02

Glassblowing with Hot Blown Glass Studio, 2013

Size 550x415 righttodream

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day program, 2014

Size 550x415 lundberg

Daquqi by Peter Lundberg

Size 550x415 flamenco

Flamenco by Ruth Aizuss Migdal - part of the 2014 Columbus Indiana Sculpture Biennial

Size 550x415 artzdaze

Artz Daze, Mexican red clay pottery, 2014

Size 550x415 public%20art%20eos

Eos (2006) by Dessa Kirk, located at 5th and Lindsey

Size 550x415 public%20art%20yellow%20wood%20coral

Yellowwood Coral (2006) by Lucy Slivinski, located at county recycling center

Size 550x415 public%20art%20ancestral%20way

Ancestral Way (2006) by Robert Pulley, located on 3rd St.

Size 550x415 downtown%20doodles%2001

Downtown Doodles public art project, 2012

Size 550x415 rock%20the%20park%2002

Foreigner plays Rock The Park, 2013

Size 550x415 rock%20the%20park%2004

A crowd of 7,000 at Rock The Park, 2013

Size 550x415 vsa%20girl%20making%20pottery

VSA festival

Size 550x415 vsa%20girl%20violin

VSA festival

Size 550x415 steampunk%20kitties

Steampunk Cat by Skeleton Crew Tattoo, Biggest Block Party Ever, 2012

Size 550x415 fff%20hairy%20dirty%20dog

First Fridays for Families

Size 550x415 mural

Jackson Place Mural

Size 550x415 mural%20ladders

Mural painting with at-risk youth

Size 550x415 glassblowing%2003

Glassblowing with Hot Blown Glass Studio, 2012

Size 550x415 public%20art%20sun%20garden

Sun Garden by Dale Chihuly installed at Columbus Learning Center

Size 550x415 public%20art%20chaos

Chaos I by Jean Tinguely installed at The Commons

Size 550x415 public%20art%20large%20arch

Large Arch by Henry Moore installed on Bartholomew County Library Plaza

Columbus Area Arts Council fosters a creative community by supporting growth of the arts in the Columbus (IN) area.

Help support the thriving arts culture that Columbus celebrates!

Each year Columbus Area Arts Council produces and supports engaging arts programming in Columbus. Annual community favorites include Biggest Block Party Ever, NeighborFEST and First Fridays for Families. Live on the Plaza is a new event that showcases cutting edge talent such as Black Violin and MarchFourth. You can look forward to more great live performances in 2016!

Public art is a major focus of our organization. We introduced seven temporary sculptures in the downtown area in 2014. These works will stay in the community for two years, at which point they will be replaced with more new work!

Summer in Columbus would not be complete without an iron pour, glassblowing and Rock the Park. We hope to bring all three back for 2016.

We strive to offer high quality arts programming to our community, but we can’t do it without your support. Whether you donated three years ago or three months ago, ask yourself “Have I enjoyed an event or benefited from the work of the Columbus Area Arts Council?” If so, please show your support with an online contribution and help keep the arts alive in Columbus!

Formed in 1972 as the Driftwood Valley Arts Council and renamed Columbus Area Arts Council in 1989, the Arts Council is a public, non-profit corporation supported by private donations, the City of Columbus, the Indiana Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Who We Are The Columbus Area Arts Council (the Arts Council) is a nonprofit corporation in the heart of Columbus, Indiana. Since 1972, the Arts Council has been a cornerstone for cultural development in our community:

  • Partnering with the City of Columbus to ensure that the arts are available to every member of the community
  • Building awareness of and advocating for the arts as an integral component for a well-rounded education, an informed workforce, and an engaged citizenry
  • Introducing young audiences to live performances
  • Bringing high caliber public art to Columbus and fostering the connection between artists and industry
  • Using art as a tool for healing through special projects with youth and adults
  • Serving as fiscal agent for local arts and cultural entities
  • Bringing national and international performers to Columbus
  • Partnering with the State of Indiana as a Regional Arts Partner distributing public funds and providing services to arts and cultural organizations within the nine county area known as Region 9

Why We Exist We enhance the quality of life in the community—stimulating community interest in art, fostering creation and inquiry throughout Columbus, and leading a vibrant arts culture tied to our unique history.

What We Dream The Arts Council looks forward to a future in which art—in all forms—is a valued part of everyday life in Columbus, and the community expects the unexpected/unforgettable from its art. Specifically:

  • The City of Columbus will benefit from the arts as a tool for economic development and use the Arts Council is a key partner in achieving its goals.
  • All of Columbus will have access to participate in art
  • Artists will not only be a valued part of the community, but they will be a visible part of Columbus through live/work space.
  • The Arts Council will continue its history of ensuring that Columbus has a growing portfolio of world-class public art to enjoy, interact and live with.

What We Believe We believe:

  • Art is more than the visual arts, more than music, theater, or poetry.
  • Art should be all around us, not just in museums and performance halls.
  • Art should entertain, inspire and challenge us.
  • Anyone can express himself or herself through art.

What We Do The Columbus Area Arts Council enhances the quality of life in the community—stimulating community interest in art, fostering creation throughout Columbus, and leading a vibrant arts environment tied to our unique history.

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Columbus Area Arts Council fosters a creative community by supporting growth of the arts in the Columbus (IN) area.

EIN: 351303466

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